The project



Raseborg has an extensive trade leakage of primarily specialty goods in which the consumer would like to have a choice and availability. Having to travel to Lohja or Helsinki to make coveted purchases is not something you aspire. Västnyland as a market lacks leading consumer goods, grocery operator, leading fashion brands, sports and Leisure brands. Market leading retailer do have expansion plans for the market and they have been provided with market data and business plan for the area and Pier 25, Whichever player we choose, their expansion plan decisions will be based on a high level of market knowledge in their product segments. Consumers would have the choice to buy commodities, brands and products at the best prices as close to their primary market as possible. Traveling 60-90 miles one way for cheap food and other coveted products should not be necessary. Consumers value their leisure time and want to do their shopping when it suits them. Availability in terms of opening hours, weekend opening, proximity, location, parking, etc. is a demand that grows stronger among consumers and residents.



The city and community structure in the Western Nyland market makes and mean that all external business establishments will have a devastating impact on the survival of the city center. The regional plan does not allow the establishment of a hypermarket unit outside the city center. Ekenäs is in the regional plan singled out as the regional center and the establishment of shopping centers and large units must be planned in downtown environment. At a time when city centers are depleted and struggle because of external business establishments we must look at innovative solutions to concept development, structural engineering, logistics, environment, architecture, etc. to enable new and necessary establishments in the city centers. When the railway effectively cuts through the center as it does in our case it requires more than a railroad crossing for connecting the neighborhoods together.

A commercial establishment in the North Harbor without food/grocery and without the necessary building permission to build a shopping center based on consumer needs is unrealistic - that’s why we have asked the city for a larger building permission and change in the zoning plan. When we are on historic ground, in the neighborhood developing a new concept, densifying downtown with innovative architecture and buildings, we choose partners who has the necessary knowledge and experience in commercial projects in urban centers.



PIER 25 following the latest trends in retail establishment where you want to densify and revitalize downtown areas. Our shopping centers will be based on modern principles where all target groups will find their bearings. The range and depth of products and brands must be generous and tailored to what is missing at the present time in the market place. Consumers have access to Pier 25 from street level on both the bottom, top floor and from the car park with 500 parking spaces.

Today, and in even greater degree the consumers of tomorrow, seeks a choice where rational and efficient shopping can be mixed with an experience where you can meet and socialize. As it’s becomes more common that both adults in the family work full time the availability and service will become more important. Accessibility is more than location, parking solutions and communications - generous opening hours also including open weekends is a given and an extremely important factor for both residents and visitors.

PIER 25 will be a natural meeting place for the inhabitants of Raseborg and visitors. PIER 25 with its approximately 18 000 m2 and approximately 25-30 stores representing most segments will make Raseborg and Ekenäs interesting. The range of products, brands, service and the way the shopping center is operated towards the consumers will reflect the residents and especially the needs of the family.


Pier 25 – the natural meeting and shopping place for the family