The history of Pier 25



A beloved child has many names. At our destination trading has been the common denominator of all time. The Hanseatic was a commercial and political alliance between the commercial cities around the Baltic and the North Sea from the mid 1100s to the mid 1600s. The Hanseatic alliance dominated trade in the Baltic Sea for a long time and also affected Ekenäs development and history.

Already in the 1200th century is Ekenäs committee the port between Tvärminne Jussarö in the Danish itineraries. Raseborg castle in Snappertuna was built during the 1300th century and had trade and political duties such as to defend Swedish interests against the Hanseatic city of Reval. When Ekenäs became the administrative center in 1528 in Raseborg County the castle lost its importance.

In 1546 Ekenäs received its own town charter by King Gustav Vasa, still with trading and political motives to protect Swedish interests against the Hanseatic League in the Baltic Sea region. Ekenäs is now writing itself into history as one of Finland's oldest cities. The commercial harbor later also called the North Harbor had a brisk business until the 1870s, when the port of Hanko was introduced. As a result of the new port of Hanko, Ekenäs got rail and bridge connection over the Pojo Bay 1873-1874 connecting Ekenäs and North Harbor to Hanko and the rest of Finland.

Trade in something more brutal scale hit Ekenäs during the Crimean War, in May, 1854, when two British frigates newest type and a sloop ravaged in the waters outside the city. The frigate by name Arrogant commanded by Captain Sir Hastings Reginald Yelverton, and sloop Hecla did a foray on the morning of the 20th May into Ekenäs port based on rumors that there were merchant ships to hijack. Cannon and musket fired started between defending grenadiers and marines on the ships. The schooner Augusta with its salt load was hijacked without much difficulty. Captain Yelverton later became both vice admiral and finally Admiral in 1869 probably more due to other merits than the raid on the Ekenäs port.

Now that we are at a historic site, Pier 25 plans based on the history to recreate a center of commerce in the harbor with the railway and the sea as a natural part of our project. The circle of the natural meeting and trading place is closed and we can see the start of a new era.

Ekenäs city port device 1911

Instructions for Ekenäs harbor master in 1925

Map of Ekenäs city 1843

Map of Ekenäs city 1898