Architect Materials


Nyland Regional Council has in its landscape plan for Nyland defined Ekenäs as the regional center.
Our goal is to provide the shopping center with an architectural form that promotes the intentions of the regional plan. We have therefore sought to strengthen and unite the city center with the shopping center respectfully connecting to the existing environment and to the new residential area that is now being planned. Kronomagasinet will remain a stand-alone building.

Height differences in the area allow for entrances from Kronotorget, Järnvägsgatan and Candelinsgatan. The main entrance is located at Kronotorget and marked by a tower.

The facade facing the square and Ystadsgatan is divided into units in a small-scale, urban rhythm. The facade facing the bay area brings association of seafaring. The facade facing Candelinsgatan will be broken off into smaller sections to create a living environment and fitted with climbing plants. The north side of the street will be planted with trees. All facades will be plastered and painted except the facade facing the bay area which is made of steel / glass.

The floor plan is flexible and creates opportunities for rapid change. The stores are grouped around an inner atrium in four floors. From the different floors one will have a view of the square and the bay area. The cafe and restaurant connects the atrium with Kronotorget and the pier.